Halloween Decoration for Your Home

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Tips for easy and spectacular Halloween decoration in your home will help you create proper atmosphere for the ghostly nature of Halloween.* Look around in your backyard or in the park and look not very large stones, which can easily collect in the hollow of his hand, but which are enough large can draw on them. Select tempera paints in Halloween colors orange, crimson red, black, gray, green and muted colors on the stones and painted pumpkin lanterns, ghosts, witches, monsters.

Halloween decoration Paper skulls

Here we will share only low cost, cheap and very easy Halloween decoration tips.

1. Inflatable toys

They are good because
A. They won’t take a lot of space at home after the party time
B. There are numerous designs to choose from
C. Several toys can create a perfect mystical atmosphere.
And we really want to design something weird, scary and strange.

2. Faces made of Bottles

I am more than sure that most of you use plastic bottles.
And if you didn’t have time to throw them away, it’s their time to join the celebration. White and not transparent bottles will perfectly fit your Halloween decoration interior. Take it and start painting emmotions. You will see how motionless bottle becames alive.

3. Death tree

This is the best name for such a tree.
Old toys, pieces of fabric and any item that looks like something unusefull will be hanging on the tree as if it was specially created to be there. Your inspiration lays in the scary movies.
Just imagine what is usually hanging on the trees and roofs: hands, clothes, knives.

4. Fabric equals gosts

Do you have curtains? Now you don’t:)
The gost for your garden can be made of curtains, blankets, pillows, etc. Take a rope and make a head. Done!
If you won’t use this gost material again, then take a pen and draw the eyes. See if you need to draw the mouth. Sometimes big black eyes will be enough.

5. Skeleton and bones
Any parts of the sceleton will look scary, but arms are the champions. Do you know why?
Just because these arms can grab you!

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