Halloween Lawn Decorations Ideas

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Halloween is one of the most exciting and unusual holidays, especially when you deck out your yard to match. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to come up with some spooky, kooky and fun Halloween lawn decorations.

Halloween lawn decoration

You’ve tidied and prepared your garden for autumn, your mums are thriving, and now you’re wondering how you can spook it up a bit for Halloween. It’s easy if you get creative with a combination of homemade horrors and store-bought scares. Even on a modest budget, you can create a showpiece Halloween lawn decorations.

Hook up a scarecrow. Attach two large sticks together with wire to form a cross. Dress with an old, long-sleeved shirt, using the arms of the cross down the long sleeves. Nail and wire the waistband of an old pair of pants below the shirt. Use paint markers to draw a face on one side of a white pillow case and stuff the pillow case with newspapers, securing at the bottom with wire. Wire the pillow case face to the top of the cross, above the shirt collar. Secure your scarecrow in the yard by digging a small hole in the yard, inserting the cross, and piling up rocks after filling in the hole. You can also prop your scarecrow against a porch pillar and wire it to the pillar.

Add some gravestones. Visit a craft or art supply store to get Styrofoam pieces that are at least 2 inches thick, 1 foot wide and 2 to 3 feet tall. Sketch an outline of a gravestone on one of the pieces. Cut around the outline with a utility knife. Spray paint the gravestone a gray, black or silver and use paint markers to write “R.I.P.,” “Here lies a zombie,” or whatever else you want the gravestone to say. Repeat for as many gravestones as you want. Secure in the yard by threading wire through the Styrofoam, about 4 inches from the bottom, and wrapping each end of the wire around rocks.

Go batty. Use more 2-inch thick Styrofoam pieces to hook up some bats. Draw a bat outline on the foam and cut with a utility knife around the outline. Paint as desired, using paint markers to make the eyes and teeth. Hang from a tree by threading wire through the tips of the bat wings and up around the branches. That’s make scary for your Halloween lawn decorations.

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    Halloween lawn decoration
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