Interior decoration ideas with candles

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Although there are many beautiful lighting options like chandeliers, table and wall lights, candles can make any room look really cozy and comfortable. If you want to decorate your home with candles, you need to choose appropriate candle holders, so that the hot wax from the candles won’t damage your surfaces.

candle decoration

For your living room or bedroom, choose long, flat candle holders, which allow you to place a few short or some large candles, which you can light simultaneously. Metal and wood are great materials for this type of candle holders. Wood candle holders may have intricate decorative elements and specially designed bases for the candles. Decorating your bedroom or living room with candles will help you create unique romantic atmosphere, perfect for dates, which will leave beautiful memories.

 candle holder

Placing many large candles, shaped like balls, around any room, is also a very beautiful interior decoration idea. This is a perfect solution, if you want dimmer lights in any room of your home. Choose candles in color that match the main color scheme of the room. Alternatively, you can choose contrasting colors to create a point of interest.

ball candles

Candles with different shapes and sizes can create interesting combinations. Choose spherical, square and cylindrical candles and place them in any room you like. To make the candles look even more attractive, scatter around them dry fall leaves, rose petals or orange peels. This will make your interior decoration look more sophisticated and stylish. You can buy candles that match the color of the dry leaves to achieve a harmonious effect in your interior decoration.


Unlit candles are also a beautiful interior decoration. Place many candles of different colors on a shelf on some of the walls. Do not light them when they are close to the wall, because the heat might damage the wall paint or wallpapers. Another creative solution is to place many tea lights on a tray and leave it on the floor or on a short coffee table. If you light them all at the same time, they will look stunning.

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