Mural Wall Painting

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Plan to painting wall on your room is one of the best ideas. You can even create Mural Wall Painting. Nowadays, creation of fresco Mural Wall Painting is the good way to create an artsy and new look of your wall. Mural creation can be done with a few simple tools. Let’s check!
Mural Wall painting
– Pencil, papers, coloring tools such as: marker or colored pencil.
– Crayon with the same, contrast or similar color to your wall.
– Paintbrush in various size
– Choose Mural Wall Painting according to the picture that you will draw
To do :
– Move all of your furniture outside the room before start to paint, because the paint can spill and dripping to your furniture.
– Use a newspaper to cover your floor under the wall to keep from paint.
– If you are not expert in drawing and painting, before painting on the wall, it is better for you to draw your sketch on the paper or searching an unique picture that you want. This sketch to be your guide to Mural Wall Painting on your wall. Preferable, you try to adding color on your sketch to make sure the color is suitable or not. So, you have not to be confused to determine which color is match to your mural paint.
– Start from the side line mural picture on the wall by using neutral chalk or crayon. It does will be okay if you miss the mark.
– After make the sideline of mural picture, the next step is coloring your picture by wall painting. Start coloring session by the brightest color and end with the darkest color.
– Use big paintbrush to the broad area and small paint brush for the detail and narrow space.
– After all, wait until the Mural Wall Painting is dry.
Keep experiment to make your room more artsy!