Picking interior paint colors

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Picking interior paint colors for your home is an enjoyable challenge to some. But to others it feels overwhelming.
Interior paint is available in a flat finish, low-luster, semi-gloss, gloss and high gloss. Walls are almost always painted with either flat paint or low-luster paint and trim is done in one of the gloss paints. Sometimes it is useful to paint a kitchen or bathroom in a gloss finish as it is easier to wash. Most high quality latex paints are very washable regardless of the finish.

Picking interior paint colors

When Picking interior paint colors finish it is important to know that flat paint hides imperfections in the wall. Any level of gloss will make them more prominent. So, if you have walls that have lots of imperfections, either make sure the painter corrects them prior to painting with a low luster paint, or go with a flat paint.

Consider the function of each room you will be painting. Picking interior paint colors that will permit easy changes in accent colors for rooms where you will be spending a lot of time. Save bold colors for special occasion rooms like dining rooms and guest rooms.
Think about what colors will match the room’s furniture and flooring. Decide if the permanent surfaces in the room have a warm, cool or neutral tone. Paint colors should aim to complement, rather than contrast with, the existing hues.

If you Picking interior paint colors with your décor and you like the way it looks in the day as well as at night – you are ready to purchased gallons and start painting This is important: keep the label from the paint so you know the exact color mix in case you need to purchase more due to some remodeling or small damage.