The royal purple in your home decor

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The royal purple in your home decor

Interior design suggests not only knowledge in arranging the furniture and choosing the best shapes and materials. It goes beyond that and every successful designer should also possess a very good understanding of colors, shades, nuances and the way they can be combined.
So let’s take a closer look at one of the current favorites – the purple color is normally associated with royalty and aristocrats, at the same time though, it can convey very romantic feelings. Therefore, we have decided to show you a few good ideas on how best to implement the purple color in your home decor.

We shall start with the living room – a smart idea is to combine several purple nuances in the room, so that a unique framework can be created. Keep in mind that you can choose between different nuances of the purple including the pastel one, so no need to stick to the basic one.
Moving on to the doorway, we have decided to use the color as a smooth transition towards the ceiling. Moreover, it does contrast very well with the grey walls.

Is the purple color a smart choice when it comes to your kitchen! Yes, a thousand times. There is just one peculiarity though, which should be accounted for – darker purple shades tend to suggest aggression, so you may want to stick to the lighter nuances in your kitchen. A good twist would be to add some white cupboards and cabinets as well as stainless steel appliances, so that you will keep the purple touches, this time however the feeling will be a lot warmer and welcoming.

Moving on to the rest of your home – what purple ideas can we suggest? Well, as we said in the beginning of our post, the purple does convey a certain degree of romantics, so the sleeping room is the perfect scene to display our purple sentiments. Purple wallpapers and purple curtains are a good idea. Just make sure you go for the soft, pastel nuances; after all the sleeping room should also be used for resting!

To round the post up, let us take a look at the bathroom. Our suggestion would be to use the purple only for some of the decoration bits, rather than apply it for a ground color in the entire bathroom. This is the perfect room to combine white or light beige and purple – the combination will definitely make your home decor unique!