Spa and aromatherapy at home

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Enjoying the spa and aromatherapy is a favorite moment for many of us. The problem is that there is never enough time to go on a spa holiday or the family budget does not allow the expense. The good thing is that there is a way to create a spa-like atmosphere in your home and enjoy the healing effects of the water and the aromatherapy.
The first step would be to pick the right room. We recommend either the bathroom or the bedroom. The two rooms are mostly associated with serenity, calmness and comfort and will make the perfect décor for the spa treatments. Use mild colors and nuances so that your nerves can relax. Blind the lights and regulate temperature in the room. Natural material furniture such as wood, along with mosaic and stone decorations will just make the perfect setting.

Out top two suggestions would be the aqua massage and the milk bath. The aqua massage can of course only be practiced in the bathroom. The water jet and the regulated water flow will massage your body and exercise a healing effect on your back and shoulders. It is mostly recommended for circulation disorders and skin issues. Moreover, it fights off the cellulite, so it is widely preferred by women.

The milk bath is an evergreen in the spa and aromatherapy treatments. You can easily apply it at home. Fill in your bath tub with hot water; add 300 ml of milk, some honey, sea salt and rose oil. The beautifying and nourishing effects of the milk bath have been known for ages. After all, Cleopatra herself was one of the biggest fans.

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