Stylish Silo Shelf

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Stylish Silo Shelf – Take some room at the office, pantry, or bathroom – but don’t have room for a traditional shelf or cabinet? Normann Copenhagen comes with a stylish solution: a versatile object known as the Silo Shelf.

Part container, part storage rack, this functional steel Stylish Silo Shelf was designed to hold large objects without dominating your modern home. Designed with a competent space-maximizing design, you could use this piece as a terrace planter, a spot for odd objects round the office, or perhaps as a unique water-resistant shower caddy. The unique form of this contemporary shelf is appealing and frames knick knacks well.
Stylish Silo Shelf
We love to the planter idea essentially the most – but you want to hear what you would do using a Silo Shelf!


Stylish Silo Shelf Stylish Silo Shelf