Types of carpets for your home décor

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Carpets can be used to decorate many places – households, offices, hotels and more. There is a wide range of hand-made carpets to satisfy a varied target market. The materials used to make carpets are mainly wool, silk, jute and some synthetic materials like polyester.

According to the weaving techniques used, carpets can be classified as hand-knotted carpets, hand-tufted carpets and hand-woven carpets. While hand-knotted carpets were originally made in Asiatic locations, now weavers from all over the world make hand-knotted carpets. These carpets are made by clipping the lengths of yarn. These clipped ends form the pile of the carpet and are tied in rows crossways to wraps. Then, each row of knots is separated by multiple picks of wefts, fixed in as interchanging series of plain weave. There are different types of hand knotting techniques.


Hand-tufted carpets are manufactured using a tufting gun with needles mounted in the front. These carpets are made on a frame, which is laced up in a cotton foundation with the imprint of the design on it. Then, the yarn is shot and pulled back on the surface. After the tufts are done, the carpets are backed with latex covering to ensure endurance. Hand-tufted carpets are affordable and available in many colors and designs. The price of hand-tufted carpets depends on the usage of fiber, and the size and design of the carpets.

hand-made carpet

Hand-woven carpets are made with flat weaves and lack a pile. There also are no knot rows. Flat weaves are woven all over the world. There are many forms of flat weaving techniques, used on looms with three, four, six and eight shafts. The more shafts, the more scope for surface texture on weft and warp, and pattern. Weaving techniques range from simple twills to broken weave and diaper, spot weave, shadow weave, block patterns, honeycomb and brocades.

hand-woven carpet

Carpets may be as precious as any piece of valuable furniture in your home. To maintain the rich colors of your carpets, you need to vacuum regularly and wash once in a while.

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