The ultimate energy source – your home mirrors

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The ultimate energy source – your home mirrors

We have dedicated a good number of articles and posts to the different interior design elements, from furniture pieces to wall decorations, from staircase railings to built-in kitchen appliances. Today’s topic would be the interior mirrors and their countless advantages.
In case you are keeping a closer eye on our posts, you will probably remember that we have discussed the use of different colors that help us create the visual effect, which makes our homes look much more spacious than they actually are. The truth is that a well-placed mirror will do a better job than any color we can think of. This is, however, just one of the many pros of this peculiar décor element. Mirrors are widely used as a means of attracting good energy and reflecting it throughout the interior. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that mirrors are widely used inside contemporary homes.

Starting with the living room, it is important to know that the mirror is best placed if it reflects the table. It is highly recommended that you place it a bit higher on the wall. Another piece of advice is to keep it away from photos and pictures. As for the shape, the most widely used mirrors have oval, round or rectangular.
Moving on to the bathroom – there is hardly any home these days that does not have a mirror in the bathroom. After all, this is where you kick off in the morning and prepare for bedtime after work. Apart from that, the mirror helps the bathroom water in attracting much more positive energy.

And last, but not least, the bedroom does deserve a nice mirror too. Just make sure you do not place it in a way, which will confuse you during those intimate moments of you and your partner!

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