Valentine’s Day decoration suggestions from IKEA

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If you’re planning to cook or order romantic dinner at home for Valentine’s Day, you will also need to think about the decoration. Depending on where you’re going to eat the dinner – kitchen, dining room or living room, you will need to consider some decoration suggestions for the room and for the bedroom as well. In this post, we will show your some decoration suggestions for Valentine’s Day from IKEA.

Although IKEA stores are not specialized for holiday-themed decorations, with some luck and creativity, you can still find some suitable pieces among the decoration suggestions. It is a good idea to decorate the dining table with candles for Valentine’s Day. Have a look at these candle holders. They are sold in set of three and are great table decoration suggestions. Each piece is mouth blown and shaped by a skilled craftsman. Keep in mind that you should never let a candle burn down in any of these glass candle holders, because it they get too hot, they can break. The wider candle holders can be used with candles with metal cups and tealights. You can buy the two sets and combine them on the Valentine’s Day dinner table.

candle holders

candle holders setA vase of fresh flowers is another good idea for the Valentine’s Day dinner table. If you don’t have an appropriate vase, you can check out some IKEA decoration suggestions and pick a beautiful vase. We suggest choosing one of these colored glass vases with decorative patterns or this clear glass vase with decorative leaf pattern. In fact, the clear glass vase is from the same series as the candle holders, so it will combine well with them.


vaseFor your bedroom decoration, place a few candles on the nightstands or other surfaces you have in the room. We suggest choosing these heart-shaped, red block candles. Nothing says Valentine’s Day better than the various heart-shaped decoration suggestions. Be careful with them. Never leave a burning candle unattended and do not light candles near flammable materials. It is also a good idea to fill the bedroom with aroma. This will help you create the right mood for Valentine’s Day. Get a pack of scented potpourri with assorted colors. Put them in a bowl or a vase and place it in the bedroom.


potpourriThere are many other decoration suggestions from IKEA. Visit the nearest store and see what use can use for Valentine’s Day. Create a romantic atmosphere in your home and surprise your loved one.

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