Vinyl wood look flooring

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Vinyl wood look flooring is an economical and sturdy flooring option for many homes, apartments and commercial buildings. Installing a full-spread vinyl floor essentially involves gluing a large piece of vinyl to the floor.
Vinyl wood flooring (also called vinyl planks) creates the appearance of a hardwood floor for much less money. The planks are easy to install (especially the self-stick type) and may be used in areas where dampness would damage a hardwood floor.
Vinyl wood look flooring

Measure the room to determine how muchVinyl wood look flooring you need. Use a measuring tape to find the length and width of the room and multiply the results to find the square footage. Do the same for any closets or nooks to be covered. Add these to the area of the main room. Add 10 percent to the total to allow for trimming. This is the amount of flooring you should buy.

The simplest way to install sheet Vinyl wood look flooring is to make a paper pattern of the entire floor. You can purchase a kit and guidelines for this, or you can make the pattern yourself using brown craft paper, a straightedge, scissors, some masking tape and a utility knife.

Vinyl wood look flooring ,Lay the paper the length of the longest wall that has the fewest obstacles. Give about 1/8 of an inch between the wall and the pattern so it does not roll up. Continue to add paper until you come to the opposite wall. Tape the paper together with the masking tape. Try to keep the paper smooth, and use enough tape around the edges to hold it together. Use smaller sheets of paper around the floor and heating vents, and tape them onto the pattern. Mark the pattern on the side with a marker, fold it, and take it to a separate clean floor until you are ready to use it.