Wall Mural

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Painting a Wall Mural can prove an exciting way to decorate a room and really add a certain new look of your house. Once you’ve transferred the design to the wall – using an overhead projector, a grid or freehand drawing – the rest is easy.

Wall Mural

Select a design that you’d like to paint Wall Mural. The design can be one you’ve drawn yourself or one you’ve found on a greeting card, in a coloring book or from another source.
Make a black-and-white photocopy of the image. Use the copy machine to enlarge the image to a size at which you can easily see all the details. Make a black-and-white transparency of your design. Ask the clerk at the copy store to help you.

Put the transparency on projector overhead. Turn the projector on and project the design onto the desired wall area.

Move the projector closer to or farther from the wall until the design is positioned correctly and is the desired size.

Mark the position of the projector on the floor with masking tape in case you need to move the projector before you’ve finished transferring the design.Outline the design on the wall carefully with pencil.

This is the simplest way to transfer the design to the wall surface. Select a simple design with a limited number of colors if this is your first Wall Mural , if you’re planning to paint your design with light colors, use a light-colored pencil to transfer it to the wall. Black pencil lines may show through.
You can draw the grid and enlarge your design directly on the wall surface if your Wall Mural design completely covers the wall area with paint.

Interior latex paint can be used for painting large areas of color, because acrylic paints tend to be slightly transparent, it may take more than one coat to get the desired tint.