White enchantment in the home decor

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White enchantment in the home decor

The purpose of this post is to comment on the white color in interior design. Many people associate it with hospitals or bathrooms, the truth is that it can be widely used and applied in the home decor. As a matter of fact, the white interior is in most of the cases always intentional, as the color is perfect for contrasting with futuristic pieces of furniture or unique works of art.

We have decided to give you as an example the interior decoration of a home, where all walls are painted in white. Though, some may consider this a bit dull, the truth is that the numerous extravagant art pieces and the colorful furniture bits stand out so much better, thus making the visual effects simply enchanting. The white color is used as a background against which all colorful decoration items create focus points, which create a picturesque décor.

Now that we have mentioned focus points and contrasts, we cannot but notice the huge windows which provide for the rich sunlight flow thus underlining the numerous variously shaped furniture pieces. The furnishing styles in this home are uniquely blended and you can actually see that the rounded and the square furniture fulfill one another instead of creating a misbalance. Minimalist and vintage style items add the finishing touches to this white heaven.

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