New Zealand Carpet Rug

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For your alternative choice, you can find your perfect items at the CNZ Wool Carpet and Rug Outlet Store.
They are offering rolls, short ends, and seconds (non-standard dye lots). The pricing for short ends and seconds start at $13.00 sq/yd. Over 50 pre-fabricated rugs, several starting at $90 each and up. Pricing will be 40-60% off retail prices which can typically range from $35 to $150 square yard in dealer showrooms.New Zealand Carpet Rug they are providing are in a wide varieties that made from 100% New Zealand wool. Visit for more information and clearer image of carpets or rugs they offers.

New Zealand Carpet Rug

At, you will also find New Zealand Carpet Rug in a wide great variety so you will surely get more inspiration to get the right one.

New-Zealand-Wool-Rug-100 is one of  New Zealand Carpet Rug available. What defines this soft rug is its richness. It combines golden tan with two tones of deep golden brown and black lines.

The other is New-Zealand-Wool-Rug-350. It is a deep charcoal background soft, thick rug which stands out against colored discs. The disc colors include ivory, deep red, mustard, ash brown, deep sky blue and terra cotta.

New-Zealand-Wool-Rug-300. Play in shades of gray, this soft and thick rug includes deep brown-gray and two tones of silver gray, with black lines running through the design. This carpet is something you will call a beautiful contemporary accessory.

Elements-Taupe-DAZ6531. This New Zealand Carpet Rug will add dazzle to your decor with its eye-catching design. The rug’s colors include a taupe background accented with colors that include gold, ivory, muted sky blue, mustard, deep sea blue, muted olive-lime and deep rosy terra cotta.

They are all above is hand tufted yarned from 100% New Zealand Carpet Wool. You do not have to wait longer, visit their website and find your perfect New Zealand wool carpet.