Backsplash modern tuscan designs

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Famous its stunning scenery and good food and wine, and offers central Italian region of Tuscany a more varied color and texture. This abundant March to inspire the Tuscan style decorating their rich colors, different textures and rustic appeal.
Backsplash modern tuscan designs
Backsplash modern tuscan designs
is best known for the intensity of the colors. Tuscan gold is a deep and rich, but it is a sunny yellow and bright. Tuscan Greens have gone through a deep green Italian cypress fertile grassy slopes. Under a bright Italian sun, wash the blue light out of the ball, but a deep purple, the color is perceived as elements of aubergine purple carpets.
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However, most said the Tuscan color palette is an earthy orange of the sunset, and anchored to the reddish clay soil. This red-orange to distinguish from other Italian Tuscan interior design styles.

As the colors of the Backsplash modern tuscan designs explode and patterns found in nature: wood, marble and iron, which is formed into wrought iron. Tuscany style flooring can be hard or marble, the walls are generally painted plaster or gold yellow. Kitchen countertops and backsplashes are made of hand-painted tiles, even if the bricks can be used for the walls. Filled with wooden furniture, wrought iron grills often cabinet fronts. Mouldings are everywhere, but the grace of involvement in matters such as fruits, especially grapes and curves.
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The capital of Tuscany, Florence, has been a prominent one of the Italian cities of Florence from 59 BC, was an important center for art, culture and the banking sector in the Renaissance, when the crowded, dirty city where that could escape from time to time . Houses, well-to-do Florentines reveled in rural areas, the patterns and colors. Each of the private garden attached to a kitchen, color and taste as much as for cooking. Outdoor praised the long tables, where people are relaxed for hours, enjoying food, wine, music and conversation.

This tradition of indoor / outdoor living became a hallmark of Backsplash modern tuscan designs decorating, although the style may occur in an upscale urban environment. Items can be reduced, for example, to have potted herbs on the windowsill determine the whole garden. The colors, also can be reduced, but still unmistakably Tuscan orange dock design, often shows an unusual orange carpets.

Nevertheless, the various elements of the authentic Tuscan style still exists in a warm and inviting interior, especially in the kitchen at home. Where wrought iron pot rack organize a series of copper pots. Back Splash rear tank is coated plates and the walls of the most likely to be decorated, such as plaster, and washed with a yellow or gold to give a rustic effect. Deep upholstered furniture made of wood, as opposed to simple benches and footstools. Trestle tables often take over the marble tables in the same room, and both are appropriate.