Exterior Color Combination for your Home

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Before you purchase paint and supplies and invest the time and money to update your home’s exterior, do your homework. Look at your own preferences as well as the overall look and feel of the neighborhood. If you are considering resale, you will want a universally appealing exterior color combination. Utilize professional tools and design advice to find the ideal color combination for your home.

Exterior Color Combinations

For a historically accurate exterior color combination idea for your home take advantage of the Sherwin Williams Period Color Palettes available at SherwinWilliams.com. Representative periods include The Jazz Age, Arts & Crafts and Victorian. Each palette is available for download. Because computer monitor settings vary, you will want to buy and apply samples of the shades you are considering. The palettes provide color swatches of individual hues as well as possible color palettes for wall, trim and accent shades. Unless specifically noted, all colors are historically accurate as exterior paint options.

Pick up color swatches or paint samples of hues you like. Be sure to take your notes and design examples with you to the home improvement store so you can match swatches to your wants.┬áPay attention to your surroundings. No one wants a cookie-cutter home, but make an effort to choose colors that don’t clash completely with neighboring houses. Your landscaping also can give you color scheme clues. If you live on a heavily wooded lot, consider lighter colors to avoid having your house blend in with the background. Lighter colors can also make a small house seem larger.

Consider the fixed architectural elements on your home, such as your roof color, brick work or decks. Complementary paint colors accentuate elements while matching exterior color combinations.

Buy quarts of each color you have chosen and paint samples directly onto your home.