French Door

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French Door are a wonderful alternative to traditional glass sliding doors. Comprised of wood and glass panels, these doors instantly bring warmth, light, and a contemporary feel into a home. Installing French doors in your home’s exterior is relatively simple, and can be completed by most homeowners in only a few hours. French Door are a popular architectural element used to separate patios and balconies, as well as for some interior locations. They are made from wood and glass panels, which allow plenty of light and exterior views into the home.

French Door

Measure the opening for the new French Door before you purchase them. If your existing exterior door opening is six feet wide by seven feet tall, which is average, you’ll want to purchase new doors that are close to this size to avoid excessive demolition and patching of your walls.

Purchase a prehung door set that is 1 inch smaller in width and height than the rough opening. You can purchase these units at your local home improvement store or from a door distributor such as Trustile or Masonite. Pay special attention to ensuring your door and frame are level. Failing to level the unit will result in difficulty opening and closing the door.

Place wooden shims under the legs of the jamb as needed to level the head of the frame. Slide more shims between the jambs and the wall studs to further even out the frame. Check the unit with your level to ensure it is level before proceeding. Finish nailing the unit in place. Once you are confident the doors are level, use nails along both jambs to nail the unit in place. Countersink the temporary nails you used earlier as well, and use nails to secure all shims.