Glass furniture or how you can “steal” some extra space in your home

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We have dedicated a fairly large number of articles trying to give you the best tricks, twist and pieces of advice, so that you can turn your tiny, limited-space apartment into a much more acceptable living space. This time, we have come up with a slightly unconventional suggestion – glass furniture!

Yes, it is getting more and more popular and the reasons for that are so many. For one, it does open up every home, so that at least visually you will be under the impression that your place is a lot more spacious. Another huge advantage is that glass décor items can fit in virtually any interior design concept. It is undisputed that glass and vinyl furniture allows you to repaint your walls as often as you want or change the wallpapers as many times as you wish, simply because you will not have to take into consideration their style and color.

Something, which housewives would definitely appreciate, is the fact that glass pieces are so easy to maintain. No need for table covers whatsoever! Furthermore, glass as a material allows the interior designers to have their boldest dreams come into live, since it does encourage creative thinking. Wall panels, staircase railings, décor items, tables, chairs, pretty much anything can be manufactured and produced out of glass. Of course, once the desired shape has been achieved, the glass will need to be tempered for increased durability, so that you can utilize your décor items to the full.

Crackle, plain or colored glass –the choice is yours; just give it some time so that the idea can sink in, after which your imagination will show you the way. The end result would be a stylish crystal home décor!


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