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Home Theater Design — Home theater is where the sound and image making in the stimulation of the subconscious and our comfort. For this reason, the primary concern when designing a home theater setup always dwell on the elements of space that can affect sound and picture. For sound, the main thing to consider is to avoid disturbing resonance. The trick is usually done with the technique of soundproofing (acoustic). Good acoustics make sound so good, do not resonate or different from the source of his voice. However, that does not mean a good acoustic sound absorbing up to 100%, because the space is too absorbing sound also makes the atmosphere more stiff, and makes saturated. To prevent that, there are two cases to be identified from the acoustic function, which absorb and dampen.


Home Theater Design



modern home theater design ideas


The first thing to do is prioritize the acoustic material on the rear wall, side walls, and the area surround speakers. For Home Theater Design, floor and the door is also important to note, because it is associated with the sound relationship with the other chamber (another floor). Home theater soundproofing make watching the activities do not interfere with other activities at home. You do not have to go to the cinema to watch the film. It suits for people who don’t have much time to go to the cinema.


home theater design ideas


Well, what are the standard material that can be used as a silencer? Many standard material options currently on the market. Material carpet, parquet, gypsum, plywood, and fabric can be a choice of wall coverings, floors, ceilings, and doors. However, if you want more leverage to muffle the sound, add a soundproof panel that is mounted from the front wall. Cavity between the panel could serve as a silencer. Now, you can enjoy a balanced sound, and that does not look dazzling on your favorite home theater — Home Theater Design.

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