The interior designer or how our spoilt interior dreams can be brought back to life

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The interior designer or how our spoilt interior dreams can be brought back to life

The idea of this article was inspired by the stories of some good friends of mine, who had spectacular interior design ideas, which unfortunately never materialized. As a result, their current homes look pretty much like the old ones, a few of them actually a bit worse. Lt me try and paint the picture to make sure you get the feeling – one of the apartments still has a funny looking colorful mess on the walls, which was supposed to be a revolutionary color blend. The furniture of the other one is still covered in plaster, even though my friend moved in like 6 months ago. The third one has an odd looking chimney in the living room; the part that is still missing though is the Victorian fireplace!

Yes, I have heard the horror stories of the interior designer that went way over his/her head and broke the bank. However, this is exactly what it is – a horror story. Try to look at it from a different perspective – what will happen if that person could make all your design ideas and wishes materialize, so that the home of your dreams unfolds in from of you? It would be worth the few extra bucks you spent, wouldn’t it?

I have met so many people who seem to share the same problem – they cannot put into words the picture they have in their heads. And this is where the interior designer could help. Designers are the people who can put up the missing pieces together. It is their job to bring in harmony into your homes by adding a built-in wardrobe, a new bed or a different color blend for example. They will definitely help you create a synergy between your design ideas and the uniqueness of your home!

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