The kids room

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Whenever possible, for the kids room you should pick the room right next to your bedroom, so that immediate proximity can be achieved. It is essential, though, that you provide the lightest and warmest room in your apartment/house. Thin draperies or blinds are also of importance – this is how you will control the stream of daylight. Keep in mind that whenever the baby goes to sleep, it might be a good idea to block some or all of the sunlight coming into the room. This way you will create a sense of calmness in your baby. During the rest of the day, the kids room should be as full of sunlight as possible.

The walls of the kids room should be painted in light, mild colors, which the baby will slowly start to notice with time. Shining, strong colors are not really recommended. You can add to the wall colors by picking some wall stickers or ornaments – there is plenty to choose from on the market


Safety first
Spare some money for a nice carpet, one that would not leave fibers behind, a suitable night lamp and a comfortable wardrobe, where you could easily store your baby’s belongings. All of these do matter when it comes to arranging the room for your baby. Make sure you do not place any shelves or paintings near the baby cot. The main source of lighting in the kids room should also be placed further away from the cot. Place socket covers to prevent accidents. When you are looking for a textile blanket, you need to check if there are any decorations that might jeopardize the health of your child. Such applications can be ribbons or similar, which have not been properly attached to the blanket.

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