Modern roof designs

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We all want our homes to be not only functional and perfectly fitted for our needs, but also to stand out, make a statement, convey a message. The things that consume most of our time and resources, when creating the perfect home for our family, are the exterior design and the interior furnishing and decoration. The roof is hardly the first thing you notice, but it says a great deal about your home’s style.

mansard roofThe purpose of the roof is to protect whatever’s inside the house from the forces of nature. But who says roofs should be boring? The mansard roof is a classic type of roof. However, a mansard roof can be turned into state-of-the-art glass home. Such is the case with this luxury penthouse, located in London’s Notting Hill. The architectural practice Studio RHE created this amazing home, which offers stunning views of the night sky and the surrounding area. The facades of this ultra modern home, visible from the street, are shaped like a traditional mansard roof.







flat roofA classic feature of most contemporary homes is the flat roof. The flat roof is easier to construct and generally more accessible. The flat roof gives you lots of different options to express your personal style. You can create a rooftop garden, install a swimming pool, tennis court or any other type of relaxation area. The downside of this roof type is that it requires more maintenance, because the debris that gather there cannot just slide down.







skillion roofAnother very popular roof design in modern houses is the skillion roof. This type consists of a single slope that points into one direction, often not attached to another roof surface. A cool feature of this structure is that skylights are easily installed.

Whatever type of roof you choose for your home, keep in mind that it is a crucial part of the appearance of the building. Also installing the roof is not an easy and mindless task. There are lots of important points to consider before you decide on the design and materials.

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