Home decoration – a few pointers and twists

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Home decoration – a few pointers and twists

The living room is a charm:
The leading requirements for any living room would be comfort and style. It needs to be comfortable as this is where the whole family gathers together and spends most of the day, so a functional and relaxing atmosphere is a must. At the same time, whenever a friend stops by or you invite some guests over, the first impressions will be conveyed precisely by the living room then the rest of your home decoration, so a stylish, welcoming look should be achieved. Interior design tendencies definitely change lately – what used to be considered classy and stylish back in the years (just think of the heavy dark draperies) is no longer present in today’s modern living rooms. Mild, warm colors and light textiles are much more preferred nowadays. Another important point to consider is that more and more often the living room is nor actually a separate room, but a functional part of a bigger common space. Therefore it is essential that you try to underline the separate function by placing a carpet for example. And here is a crazy interior design solution – pain one of the walls in a different color than the rest of them – a new spectacular focusing point is guaranteed!

The dining room’s focusing point:

Speaking of focusing points, you have probably noticed that we touch on the subject in most of our interior design posts. When it comes to the dining room, I believe that there are no two minds about the leading focusing point here – that would be the dining table. And no wonder that this is exactly so – after all, the main function of the dining room is to have a delicious meal on your functional and comfortable table. Now, as most furniture pieces, there are at least two possible approaches – a simple, clearly outlined table shape for those who cherish functionality and simplicity or a heavy, well-decorated nuance for those who have a taste for something of a bit richer look. Whatever the shape and design, the color does matter as well. Now, there are few color choices that are said to work as digestives – that would be red, orange and yellow. And apart from this positive effect, they also go well together with the dining room’s atmosphere. You can also succumb to darker nuances – yellow cream, ashes of roses or even vine.

Your sleeping room – an oasis of comfort and serenity:

Now, if there is any room in your home that should mainly stick to your individuality as a person rather than be in line and harmony with the current interior design tendencies that would be the sleeping room. After all, this is your intimate space, where you find calmness and serenity, so go for your favorite colors and most beloved paintings or other pieces of decoration. Just keep in mind that this is also the place where you and your eyes should also rest, so some touches of green and blue nuances would be more than beneficial.