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The first real step is to throw away traditional concepts of basements. You should imagine this part of your home not as a dark, dank storage area but extra space with the potential to become useful. Moreover, you should think of your basement as a place you can enjoy and would love to constantly visit. By having this mindset, it will be easier for you to imagine what you want to do to have remodel basement ideas.

remodel basement ideas Simple

There are several remodel basement ideas which are popularized by interior decorators which force people change their mind. The most important point is to accept the new concept of basement. Earlier people use to think that basement is the useless place of the house but they are converting this useless place into the most exciting place of their home. This thought allows them to hit upon various exciting basement renovation ideas. You must consider the thing which lacks the most in your family.

You can convert your basement into the following

  • Home theater with mini bar
  • Guest room with bathroom
  • Music room
  • Gym
  • Home office
  • Study room with a library
  • Kids playroom
  • TV room

These are the few remodel basement ideas. You can have many more. If you really want to take the complete advantage of your basement then it is highly recommended to take help of a contractor. There are several work which can be done only by the contractor or an expert. It is impossible for a novice to do this mechanical and electrical work.

  • Basement Flooring- If flooring is not chosen properly then it may lead to several problems like moisture and then mold growth.
  • Basement Lighting- It is the darkest place so consider the lighting properly otherwise your basement will be good for nothing.
  • Basement Framing- With proper framing you can achieve a proper construction.
  • Basement Wall Paneling- It provides insulation and saves your basement from moisture attack.
  • Basement Ceiling- You must hire a licensed builder for this as most of the mold formation is found on basement ceiling.
  • Basement Staircases- Without them you can not ever reach your basement. Complementary designed stairs with matching rails have enough potential to add an extra spark to your basement.
  • Basement waterproofing- It is last but not the least. It plays an important part in basement. Even single day moisture can lead to the growth of mold.

Basement is the moisture sensitive zone of your house. Even a single mistake in any of the above construction can lead to several problems ahead. Contractors help in working out our plans. The experts can even modify your plans if they are not according to the real world situation. They also help you in estimating a proper budget for your plans.

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    remodel basement ideas
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    remodel basement design ideas
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    remodel basement ideas Pictures
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    remodel basement ideas Plans
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    remodel basement ideas Video
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    Small Remodel Basement Ideas

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