Retro furniture – Modern versus old-style furniture – do we have an overall winner?

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Retro furniture – Modern versus old-style furniture – do we have an overall winner?

The number of people, who claim that lifestyle and quality of life in the old days were much better than nowadays, is truly impressive. The same goes for all those, who have a taste for wooden furniture and are of the opinion that old-school pieces were of much greater quality than the ones we use today. We have given the topic a fair share of observation and contemplation and have reached a verdict – modern furniture pieces are by all means a lot better than the ones produced hundreds of years ago.

So, what do we base our opinion on? Let us start by saying that the most widely used argument supporting the thesis of retro furniture being better is the assembly method. Many people argue that the use of modern adhesives to put furniture together makes it less endurable. The funny thing is that adhesives were extremely popular back in the years. As a matter of fact, they were the most preferred assembly method for a few decades now. Apart from that, the contemporary polish substances, the majority of which are plant-based protect the surface of the wood and give it a healthy gloss.

Another popular argument of the old-style supporters is that the surface of present days’ wooden furniture wears off and cracks rather fast. The thing is that this has always been the case, no matter whether we are talking about the 21st or the 19th century. Extensive use and the natural agents do have a negative impact on furniture surfaces. Therefore, it is essential that you nourish the top layers by applying polish materials and wax at least once a year. Tables, chairs, cabinets and closets which tend to be subject to more intensive use can be waxed a couple of times within the span of a year. The bonus that you will get is that your furniture will have less dust on its surface.

And last but not least, we believe we should tackle another common misconception which is the following: furniture top layer, especially veneer is of poor quality. Now, we must say we totally disagree. The thing is that it does not really matter what age you live in – if you thing that buying cheap furniture is smart the end result will be one and the same. Many people do not even bother to check what veneer type has been used. In the end, they are cheated into buying furniture with melamine or vacuum-pressed paper cover.

In conclusion, let us point out that contemporary assembly ways and wood furniture maintenance techniques provide for furnishing pieces of much higher quality than ever before.

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