Sliding Glass Pocket Doors

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Sliding Glass Pocket Doors – Still not yet find and or in searching of a door with many functions? Ambiance® is one of many companies which serve a number of functions. The product is Ambiance® interior glass French doors. Can be used as French interior doors, sliding glass pocket doors, pantry doors, pivoting doors, or as room dividers, this doors also can serve your needs as double doors. If you prefer to use it one alone as a single French door, it is possible. Ambiance® doors available and comes unfinished in pine with textured glass inserts for use as Sliding Glass Pocket Doors.

Sliding Glass Pocket Doors

Committed to provide customers with Sliding Glass Pocket Doors, Ambiance® is not only give you a new elegant and attractive looks but also high in quality and affordable prices.

Ambiance® Doors are a good choice to help give a beautiful addition to your home. You may want to decorate or add a room to your own home, and want glass interior doors to separate your new addition room. You may want to save the space and use them as glass pocket doors. To install this glass pocket doors is easy as it is to install hinged French interior doors in your home improvement efforts. Sliding Glass Pocket Doors, especially double interior glass French doors, in the middle of the wall between two rooms can be striking.

Using any a great deal of space in your home by using any of our Ambiance® Doors as glass pocket doors instead of standard hinged doors. Pocket Doors are designed to be used where a door opening to the left or right is not desired. Different with sliding open, swinging door will have the doors slide back into the wall on either side of the door opening. With sliding glass doors, especially Sliding Glass Pocket Doors, you can open up an additional floor space up to ten square feet for you and your family. This is a clever option for use in smaller houses or in room additions.