Slope Garden Design With Easy Techniques

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If your garden has a steep slope, leveling it by terracing can make it both attractive and useful. One benefit of a terraced garden is that it stops soil erosion and rain water washing the nutrients away, making it difficult to plant and maintain most shallow rooting garden plants. However the main benefit you will find after leveling the slope and forming terraces, the garden will be easier to work on and get around, making it an enjoyable garden to be in, instead of a daily challenge. Terracing a slope garden design also adds interest, allowing planting at different levels, flowers at the top and vegetables at the bottom, paved area at the top flowers in the middle and fruit bushes at the bottom etc.

slope garden design

Learn how to measure and assess for slope garden design – easy techniques. Learn about sloping garden design to use when planning your own garden. If you have slopes in your garden, you might, understandably, be concerned with how to design your garden.

The slopes in your garden may be:

just tiny changes in levels or huge, steep slopes and hills! Slopes can make gardening, and enjoying your garden, difficult they can mean you have no flat areas for:

  • patio
  • seating
  • ponds, etc.

We’ll show you how to make the most of the slope garden design and useful tips and tricks for planning a garden with slopes.

Tiny Slopes

Tiny slopes may not need to be brought into your landscape design ideas at all! or could perhaps just be incorporated with a single step, or change of level?

Larger and Steeper Slopes

Larger or steeper slopes will have quite a big impact on planning a garden. If the slope in your garden is quite a ‘feature’, you might need to develop your sloping garden design further.

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    slope garden design
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    slope garden
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    slope garden design ideas
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    slope garden design path
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    slope garden design photos
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    slope garden design sketch

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