Reinforce your front door

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It may sound surprising to you, but the most common point of entry for intruders is actually your front door. Besides the obvious reason that many people forget their front doors unlocked, burglars also head for the front door, because it can be easily kicked in or the lock can be easily broken. Use some of our tips to reinforce your front door.

Choose a front door made of sturdy materials that cannot be easily broken. Good choices are fiber glass, solid wood and metal. Make sure the door is reinforced and install a lock block, which will keep intruders from bending or breaking the lock easily. It is also a good idea to install a dead-lock as a backup. It is not impossible to destroy, but doing so will make a lot of noise and call attention.


When choosing a front door, pay special attention to the strike plates. This is the metal part, attached to the door frame, where the lock bolt of your front door enters. The front door should have reinforced security strike plate and should be secured by at least four three-inch screws.

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The hinges of the front door should be on the inside. If they are visible from outside of your home, reinstall the front door or replace the hinges with non-removable pins. Make sure you reinforce the hinges with three-inch screws to prevent a kick-in.

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The frame of your front door should be securely fastened to the wall. Experienced burglars can easily pry away the door frame and gain entry. Reinforcing any glass panels on your front door is also very important. It is generally not advisable to choose a front door with windows, but if you insist on it, install a security grate or grill on the outside, where the glass is exposed.

Install a peep hole on your front door. When someone rings the doorbell, your first response would normally be to answer. And in this case no home security system in the world will protect you if you open the front door willingly. Using the peep hole every time someone comes to your front door can prevent the mistake of inviting bad company in.

It is important to choose your front door carefully to protect the entrance to your home.

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