A Beautiful Story of a Baby Cradle

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Thirty years ago, a man from Poland and his family arrive to the US. Initially, they have no jobs and no savings. All they can afford to buy was a pile of pinewood boards and a handsaw. Instead of purchasing a baby cradle from the local furniture store, the man decides to make one.


Thirty years from then, the baby is a grown-up man, who starts his own family. He decides to do what his father has done all these years ago. He makes the same baby cradle for his daughter.

baby cradle

DIY project

Unfortunately, all that is left from the first baby cradle is one of the sides. However, this is enough. The man uses it as a template for his DIY project. He manages to re-create the rest of the baby cradle using the template. With the help of his father, he soon finishes the project.

DIY baby cradle

Father and son pose for a photo with the new baby cradle.

DIY cradle

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