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When you start doing the spring cleaning, maybe you will find some old and forgotten wooden furniture in the attic or in the garage, with worn out surfaces, but not exactly junk yet. It’s probably for the best to get rid of these ‘treasure’, but if you don’t want to do that just yet, we have some DIY home décor ideas for you. This won’t turn them into art objects worthy of display, but if you’re looking for some outside-the-box furniture and decorations, you might try it out. Here’s how to make collage furniture.


First, choose a theme. It can be anything you like – movies, nature, animals, modern art and so on. Then, pick a color scheme – black and white, multicolored, etc. You might consider the color scheme of the room, where you’re going to put your collage furniture. Or you can create a colorful piece to bring life and dynamics to a neutrally-colored space. The choice is yours.


The next thing to do is collect some newspapers, magazines or personal photographs and images. To make your collage furniture more interesting, cut pictures of varying colors, shapes and sizes. You don’t need to be very precise. You may even tear them out, instead of cutting them with scissors.


Cover the surface of the furniture you’re going to be working on with a sheet of paper. You can use newspaper. Then, start arranging the images, working from the middle toward the edges. You can think of it as a jigsaw puzzle. Combine contrasting or complementing pieces. Have a look at your work from different angles and rearrange the pieces until you’re happy with the result. Then, carefully lift the paper with your collage of the surface of the furniture and transfer and glue the pieces one at a time, again working from the middle towards the edges. Use a cloth to smooth each piece, making sure the edges stick to the surface, and wipe off the excess glue. When you’re done with your collage furniture, allow the glue to fully dry and coat it with two or three layers of varnish. This will seal your artwork and make it water- and scratch-resistant.


This is how you can create collage furniture. After the varnish dries, which can take about 24 hours, you can put the piece back to use. Share with us your thoughts on this DIY home décor project in the comments section below the post.

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