Furnishing your kids room – twists and turns

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Furnishing your kids room – twists and turns

To furnish your kids room can be challenging. This is especially true nowadays, when kids grow faster than we wish. Their ever evolving needs require a functional room, which however reflects their interests and desires. Contemporary designers suggest that the kids room should be quite different from the entire home, while the furniture and the decorations should be in unison with what they like and have interest in, so it is a good idea to include your kid in the decision of how the room should be furnished!

This post will focus on two aspects of the kids room – the desk and the furniture materials.
Now, the desk along with all other furniture bits should not be heavy so that they can easily be moved around. The desk is naturally of high importance – after all, this is where all the studying will take place, so you need to make sure that your kid likes it. For younger children, it is always a good idea to get an angle-shaped desk with two horizontal boards, one for the textbooks and the notebooks and another one for the computer monitor. Placing the desk is also of importance – putting it under the windows might be rather distracting, so consider placing it in against an empty wall close to natural light. For teenagers, the desk should be table-shaped, so that they can place their laptop, when they need to study or use it as a table, when they have some friends over!

With regards to the furniture materials, the current trend is to go for expensive, eco furniture. This is a good solution, as nothing is more important than your kid’s health; however you need to be practical from time to time. Keep in mind that the child grows by the minute and so do the child’s needs. Furniture will need to be replaced sooner than you think, so synthetic materials could be a reasonable solution – chipboard panels will do the job, they are endurable, resistant and can easily be cleaned in case your child decides to express some artistic skills using a pen!