Furniture – this is what it takes to turn your apartment into your home

Furniture • Views: 2001

The different pieces of furniture with their shapes and colors determine the way we see our apartment and the way we feel about it. The furniture helps create a feeling of comfort in your home and is the main source of uniqueness. It should be comfortable, functional and effective and most importantly, it should transform your apartment from an empty space into a magnificent and unique home.

Therefore it is natural that we want to use our furniture as long as possible. Thus, it is essential that we take good care of it. In order to do so, we need to have a good understanding not only of its construction, but of the furniture material and upholstery as well.

The genuine leather for example is so much different from the rest of the materials used to cover the furniture. Its main characteristics include endurance, active “breathing” and warmth. You should keep in mind that the different types of leather require different maintenance approaches.


The genuine leather furniture should be cleaned using a leather tower that has been gently dipped into soda, however the pressure used when cleaning should be kept to a minimum. This would be the best approach to clean the leather and remove all the dust and dirt. It is recommended that you use fat-free leather cream once per year. If there are some hardly visible stains on the leather, it would be better to leave them on – no point in risking spoiling the leather; moreover it has that unique feature which removes hardly visible stains. Still, if you do need to remove some stains, you might want to try the cleaning chemical on some parts of the furniture that are not normally exposed.

Should you happen to spill some liquid on the genuine leather furniture, use an absorbing towel or paper, but do not rub the leather. In case there are greasy food stains, then use water and some neutral soap. In the unhappy event of a strong, resistant stain (ink for example), it is better to call a cleaning specialist. Using acetone or solvent chemicals is out of the question!