Modern rocking chair designs

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The rocking chair is something we all want to have in our homes. This would be a great way to relieve the stress and tension after a long day at work. In this article we will show you some cool, modern rocking chair designs.

futuristic rocking chair design

This rocking chair has ultra modern look. We imagine that this is the future of the rocking chair design. This futuristic piece of furniture shows that the rocking chair is not a thing of the past. It is really hard to envision your grandmother rocking gently in this rocking chair and knitting you a new sweater for Christmas.

modern rocking chair

This rocking chair also has a very modern design. It is made for two, so that you and your loved one can have some fun together. While relaxing after a hard day at work, you can  make dinner plans, share office news or just talk about stuff. You can place this rocking chair in your living room or in the garden. It would also make a great wedding gift.

luxury rocking chair

This rocking chair is perfect, if you want to add luxury and style to your contemporary living room. Made from high-quality materials by the hands of the most skillful craftsmen, it provides the ultimate comfort and will last for many years.

rocking chairs

These contemporary rocking chairs are a real eye catcher. They are a futuristic interpretation of the classic rocking chair design. They are built for comfort and can accommodate a variety of sitting positions. Their shiny surfaces make them ideal for your modern living room interior.

rocking chair

This rocking chair combines somewhat antique look with unique, futuristic design. The shape is really bold and innovative. We wouldn’t resist the temptation to try this amazing rocking chair. It would make a great addition to your luxury living room.

There are lots of unique, futuristic rocking chair designs, available online. You can check them out and tell us which one is your favorite.

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