Picnic Table and Chairs

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This Picnic Table and Chairs comes in blue and complete with 4 seats which can pack away for easy transportation. Made from a steel frame with ABS plastic table top covers, polypropylene plastic seats and aluminum legs, these picnic table and chairs are perfect for creating cooler atmosphere. You need to ensure that the locking catch under the seat and locking pin on the table are securely fastened before use.

Picnic Table and Chairs
Coleman folding picnic bench set
This Picnic Table and Chairs product is one of best seller product of its manufacturer. You cannot beat this product for quality design. This great picnic bench set packs up to a light weight, a compact size. With padded tops fold up, the two bench seats to become the two halves of the carry case. The fold up aluminium table fits neatly inside the two benches that make the whole thing packs away neatly. The carry handle included and just take it to the beach, the park, the kids sport, and camping.
POLYWOOD Square Nautical Dining Table
Beside Picnic Table and Chairs , you will also be given another alternative to help you feel food atmosphere while doing picnic. Maybe you have been shopping around for the perfect outdoor dining table. This Square Nautical Dining Table might have everything you have been hoping to find. It constructed from Polywood and it is carefully crafted to look, gorgeous as natural wood but with one big advantage. Polywood mention before, is virtually indestructible, beyond being merely durable so this table will never chip, warp, or decay, even if you leave it outside all year long.