Pine table tops

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Pine table – Country pine furniture has a rustic simplicity that lends itself to many types of country decor, including French and Tuscan country styles. Designed and built from solid pine, country pine furniture reveals the unique knots and grain of this affordable, durable wood.  The classic design uses traditional cabinetmaking skills, while the Pine Table  itself is a popular style in country decor. Drawing the plans from scratch will give you practice for designing more complicated furniture.
Pine Table

Although there are more than 100 species of pine, pine wood tends to lend a distinctive look to furniture. A durable, stylish and inexpensive soft wood pine can be an ideal choice for dining and coffee tables. However, it is important to understand the benefits and drawbacks of Pine table wood in order to make an informed decision.

Pine wood offers many aesthetic benefits which, although highly subjective, are important to consider. Pine typically has many knots and lines, which results in a piece of furniture that can truly be one of a kind. However, it is possible to purchase pine furniture that does not have knots, although you can expect to pay more. Pine is also a light colored wood and, when left unstained, can easily fit into both traditional and contemporary decorating styles.

Country Pine table has been around for centuries, due to the abundance of pine trees around the world. Antique European country dressing tables, washstands, desks, blanket boxes and other types of European furniture can be found in antique shops or online. Choose this furniture for its extra-fine country look and old world construction, including dove-tailed joints.
To create your own Pine table look, purchase unfinished pieces. When you purchase unfinished wood, you can see for yourself that it is a solid piece of pine furniture, and not covered with pine veneers.