Remove the furniture dents from your carpet

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Carpets are one of the best and most functional decoration items of every home. This is the reason why they should be taken good care of, so that we can preserve their color and quality. Unfortunately, in most of the cases, we place furniture pieces upon them. This leads to one inevitable outcome – carpet dents appear. The situation gets even worse when we decide that we need interior change and start moving them around. The picture that unwinds in front of us is not a pretty one. More often than not, we do not have a clue as to how to remove those ugly indented areas and decide that the best action is not to take any action at all. This is exactly what provoked this post – we have tried to advise you of the 3 simplest, yet most effective restoration techniques.


furniture dents ice


Our first suggestion involves a few ice cubes and a coin. Place the cubes right onto the dented carpet areas and let them melt. Use a soft piece of textile to remove the water, and then start rubbing the coin edge against the damaged area. You are as good as ready – let it dry and you will see that the carpet is back to its original state.



Moving on to the second solution – all you need is a hot iron and a dry towel. Place the towel gently over the indented areas and run the hot iron on top by pressing the steam button. Repeat the action a few times, but keep in mind that there should always be a towel or a textile piece between the iron and the carpet. The rubbing action from suggestion number one is the finishing part – you should use a coin or a brush.





carpet dents hot ironAnd suggestion number three is actually a modification of our second recommendation. This time, however, the towel should be wet and you should avoid pressing the steam button. Sweep the hot iron along the towel until the carpet hairs begin to stand upright. Using a coin or a brush will help you remove the furniture dents in no time.

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