Shelves Design Ideas, Creative and Cool!

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Shelves design ideas — Are you true book lover? Find it difficult to keep your entire collection of books in the shelves without having to make your room like a warehouse? or you are worried if the store cupboard will make you moist and damaged books?. Or you lovers of interior trinkets, but you’re having trouble arranging the beautiful? Or sometimes you get bored with this type of rack is that it is only for your dvd collection?. various forms of unique shelf can you apply in your room so it looks more vibrant. Become a regular open racks bewitching unusual things you can do to create a unique backdrop wall.


shelves design ideas


Open shelves can be a versatile storage place for your shelves design ideas. This can be displayed on a shelf accessories, picture frames, books, and collections of your choice. The privilege of open shelves is it easily accessible when needed and readily apparent. In addition, the open shelf space also gives the impression of more spacious than a closed cabinet that seemed to make the wall ahead.


modern shelves design ideas


Open shelves type that turned out to straight just boring. Therefore, you need to try to design something different and attract attention in your living room with shelves design ideas. You can try a few models of shelf creation is cool and open to your room. Many forms open shelves, from which only the form of shelves, racks up a square and circle, mounted on the trap walls. The result, a beautiful and functional wall.


storage shelves design ideas


Nurses for this type of rack is relatively easy. than the storage cabinets, open shelves are invited to come to more dust. However, because ‘only’ the dust, you simply clean with a vacuum cleaner only. Creative with nice rack of course. But note also the perwatannya. You want to rack your beautiful memories just right? – shelves design ideas.

Shelves design ideas

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