Sofas – how to make a sound choice without getting lost

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Sofas – how to make a sound choice without getting lost

When it comes to furnishing your living room, every piece of furniture requires a good time of research, so that a solid choice could be made. There are quite a few criteria to be taken into consideration, so that our purchase can fit into the overall design conception of our home. There is one particular piece of furniture, though, that requires a lot more to be taken into account – the sofa. There are virtually thousands of sofa types depending on their shape, pull-out mechanisms and fabrics. Choosing the right sofa can not only be time-consuming, it can turn into a real adventure!

This post will comment on a few of the most popular sofa types. Now, depending on whether we can choose the layout of the sofa parts, we distinguish between modular and regular sofas. Regular sofas do not allow you to “play” with the sofa layout, while the modular ones give you the opportunity to adopt them in a way to suit your living room interior. You can also define the number of seats, their height and depth, along with the sofa fabric. To be 100 % precise, sofa shapes and sofa modules can be manufactured to the exact specifications of your home.

A very popular sofa type is the pull-out type. It is also called convertible sofa – the name speaks for itself. This sofa can be used for two different purposes – it can be used as a regular sofa during the day and as a bed for two during the night. Now, if your mind is set on getting one of those, you should pay attention to one additional criterion – the pull-out mechanism of the sofas. No matter how popular the manufacturer is or what price you have paid on the sofa, it is essential to remember that sofas were not really meant to be used as beds, so sooner or later the pull-out mechanism might need a replace.