Five unusual ideas for modular living room furniture

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One of the best things about modular furniture is that you can assemble and disassemble the distinct parts to form literally dozens of furniture units. The versatility of modular furniture allows you to arrange and rearrange the pieces in your living room any time you want in just a few minutes. In this post, we’re going to show you five unusual designs of modular furniture for your living room.

 wall unit

This modern wall unit looks really amazing. There are ten different furniture modules and you can combine your own set, according to your needs. The stylish look makes it a great choice for a contemporary living room. This unit also features transparent glass display doors. If you want attractive-looking modular furniture, which allow you enough storage options, choose a wall unit like this one. It’s fully functional and can blend in perfectly in your living room interior. Try out different combinations between the separate pieces to create a new and unique look for your space. This is a great choice for living rooms with natural materials in the interior, like wood or stone.

modular couch

If you want to get modular furniture for your living room, think about a modular couch. Look at this incredible and dynamic piece of furniture. The unit combines a couch, coffee table and ottoman. This unusual design utilizes the regular construction gaps between the cushions of the couch by converting them into tracks for the table to slide in and out. The table can function either as a console or as a coffee table. The cushions are retained by magnets, which help them find and keep the right position. This modular couch has a traditional construction with textile upholstery and a coffee table, made from finished plywood. This modular furniture piece will save you space in the living room, which makes it perfect for small rooms.


Modular shelves with unusual shape are a great choice for a modern living room. The curved lines of these shelves make this modular furniture piece look like a snake, climbing on your wall. If you like the arrangement in this picture, you can get a few wall stickers to get a similar look on the wall of your living room. You can also try different combinations to get you own, unique shelving unit. You can get really creative with this unusual modular furniture piece. Make your living room look attractive and stylish with some modular shelves. In fact, these modular shelves are a great choice for any room in your home.


Modular furniture can make your living room more fun. Look at this colorful modular couch. It gives you the freedom to create great combinations for your living room. It takes just a few minutes to arrange and rearrange the separate pieces. Find the position, which works best for you. There are many different colors you can choose from. Select colors, which fit the interior design of your living room. The buttons, which decorate the surface of the couch, add a classic feel to the modern design. Each single piece can be used as a bench or a stool. This modular couch looks very attractive. It will help your create a focal point in the living room.

modular furniture

This amazing modular furniture set has a multi-purpose use. It is a great choice for small spaces. You can arrange the separate pieces to form a king-sized bed, table, lounge seating set, storage furniture and an armchair. The simple design and bright, vibrant colors would make this modular furniture set a nice addition to your modern living room. The distinctive features of this set are style and functionality. This may be the perfect space-saving solution for a small, contemporary living room.

One of the main reasons why we love modular furniture is versatility. You can easily reconfigure your space for various purposes. Modular furniture let you maximize the space potential of your living room.

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