Vinyl Patio Chairs

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In having new chairs, people often buy it right and some likes to refurbish an old patio chair by rewebbing it. Vinyl is one of many favorite furniture material people choose to have. Vinyl Patio Chairs often used because it is nice and rather resist to water.

Vinyl Patio Chairs are easy to clean and also are friendly with the environment. This types of chair are available in many styles; stripes, webbing, etc.

Talking about webbing, there are two webbing straps types which is used for patio chairs; from woven polypropylene material -often made in stripes of more than one colors, and made of shiny vinyl in bright solid colors.

Vinyl Patio Chairs

The stripes made from woven polypropylene mention before weave above and beneath each other that provides a sturdy and comfortable seat. On the other hand, the stripe made from shiny vinyl usually stretches across the chair from side to side. In additions, Vinyl Patio Chairs are stronger than the polypropylene so you do not need to add a woven look. Hardware webbing for vinyl types is screw which the vinyl straps attach to the frame with screws only.

Polypropylene and vinyl is indeed has their own differences. Oftentimes, vinyl straps from Vinyl Patio Chairs are narrower than the polypropylene material. Polypropylene needs to be folded into a triangle shape when being attached to the chair with screws.
Vinyl straps are stiff. You need to soak them in warm water before attaching them to the chair’s frame to stretch and bend them. The warm water used will make them more pliable.