Artificial rocks for garden decoration

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The various decorative elements you place in your garden can help you shape the space. They can also affect your mood, when you’re in the garden. In this post we’re going to discuss the use of artificial rocks for garden decoration.

If you want to give your garden a more exotic look, you can add a rock garden to your landscape. Select some area, which gets plenty of sun, and install a few small artificial boulders. Surround the boulders with closely spaced low-lying flowers like portulaca, ground orchids or decorative cactus. Carefully fill the gaps with smaller artificial rocks, which complement the color of the boulders. A rock garden can add a beautiful point of interest to any garden.

rock garden

Large artificial rocks can give your garden and the pond in your garden a fairytale look. Carefully selected artificial rocks will help you hide the ugly black pond liners and provide and interesting contrast with the dark pond water. To achieve the most natural effect, choose rocks, which are similar in size, but have irregular shapes and colors. Stay away from any rectangular pavers. A small pond with a decoration of artificial rocks will make for a great centerpiece in your beautiful garden. The right choice of garden lighting will help you create an amazing focal point, which will be attractive even in the evening.


You can also use artificial rocks to create a stepping stone path in your garden. This is a very picturesque option for the shady areas alongside the house, where there’s too little sunlight and most plants can’t survive. This is also a quite practical way to keep your shoes clean, when you need to walk up to a side door or a back door. If you want your stepping stone path to have a tidier look, surround large stepping stones with small pebbles in a contrasting color. Stepping stone paths look really attractive. They are also quite practical. A stepping stone path, created with artificial rocks, will help you create a dreamy, fantasy landscape in your garden.


You can also use artificial rocks in your garden to create centerpiece. A large, artificial boulder with some unusual shape can be used to create a beautiful focal point, which will get the attention of your friends and neighbors. For small gardens, choose some interesting artificial rocks or boulder to create a tidy, low-maintenance centerpiece. It is a great solution, because an ornamental shrub might easily become too large and unruly. In larger gardens, a centerpiece of large artificial rocks can add visual interest to monotonous border areas like hedges.


Artificial rocks can be successfully used in your garden as a ground cover, to replace mulch. One of the biggest advantages to this is durability. While mulch should be replaced every season, artificial rocks could last practically forever. You can choose some light-colored stones to create a beautiful contrast against deep-colored foliage. This will help you brighten the shady corners of your landscape. You can attract attention to your favorite shrub by surrounding it with medium-sized river stones. This way, the shrub will look like a living sculpture. Besides, the artificial rocks will discourage weed growth around the plant. For even better results, you can install a weed barrier before putting the artificial rocks in place.


Choose carefully the artificial rocks you’re going to use in your landscape. They will help you set the tone for the rest of your garden. Beach pebbles or river rocks will add warmth, white marble chips will brighten up shady spaces and flat stones can complement tropical landscapes, but will seem out of place in more formal gardens.

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