Balcony transformation in no time

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Balconies are sometimes overlooked when people design and decorate their homes. This is due to the fact that in the majority of cases they are too small and get neglected because we rarely use them during the cold and gloomy winter months. The last, however, should not be an excuse for not taking proper care of the balcony. This is why we have tried to summarize the leading principles that should help you transform your balcony in no time.

balcony plantsThe most popular decoration solution for balconies, no matter whether they are small or large, would be the outdoor plants. They can bring live and vigor even in the gloomiest place, so do spend some time researching the different species. Keep in mind that not every plant or flower can survive in the winter months, so pick the ones that can survive with limited sunlight and lower temperatures. This is especially true when it comes to balconies facing north. During the winter, they will get very few hour of sunlight, so this needs to be taken into consideration. You can also combine green and blooming plants, so that a picturesque improvised garden can be created.


balcony flooring


Proper flooring should also be installed. It is worth noting down that this will not always cost you a fortune. Actually, they are a few flooring solutions that do not require any professional skills. You can opt for wooden boards that are easily mounted to each other or even choose extra large tiles than can be placed without having to use joints. You can even leave a few spots uncovered and place numerous pebbles on top for an additional focal point. In case the balcony has a concrete bottom, you can simply buy some paint that is suitable for concrete.


balcony furniture

And the last missing piece that will help you transform your balcony in no time is the proper decoration. However, before you decorate it with your favorite items, make sure all the useless items are removed. Unfortunately, many of us tend to use the space as a storage area, while it can be utilized for much more enjoyable moments such as sunbathing in the hot months

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