Beautiful Garden Ideas – How to Make a Flower Pot from an Old Car Tire

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If you have some extra time for a DIY project and a few old car tires, you can make beautiful garden flower pots. The ideas we’re going to show you in this post are great for environment-conscious people, who like to reuse old stuff, instead of throwing them away. You can create a unique, eye-catching spot in your beautiful garden with a few car tires and a little effort.

A really simple way to create beautiful garden flower pots is to get a few old tires, as many as you want and have, and paint them in bright, fun colors. Make sure the paint you use can withstand the outside conditions, if you don’t want to repaint often. Place a few of them on the ground and fill them in with dirt. The shape of the tires will hold the dirt in place. Next, place a few more over the row of tires to form a brick pattern. To hold the dirt in place, use tin plates. Place the tires before you fill them in with dirt, otherwise they’ll be too heavy. You can place as many rows as you like, depending on how many tires you have. You can use these planters for flowers, herbs or vegetables.

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Another idea for a beautiful garden flower pot is to take an old car tire and paint petals to the side with a piece of chalk. You can do any shape you want. However, keep in mind that the more complex the petals, the harder it is to cut them out later. Take a knife, which you don’t use for other things, and cut the shapes you’ve just drawn. It will take some time, so you need to be patient. The next thing you need to do is actually the hardest part of the project. You need to turn the tire inside out. You may need to use some help from a friend. After it’s done, take the knife again and shape the petals more precisely. Then, paint the tire in some bright color. You can use a few different colors, if you like. After the paint dries, fill the flower pot with dirt and plant your flowers.

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You can also use an old car tire to make a handing flower pot to decorate your beautiful garden. Simply take a tire and drill small holes, where you want to bottom to be. Paint the tire in any color you like. Hand the tire with a chain to the wall of your house, the fence, a tree or anywhere you want it to be. Place some dirt inside, where the holes are and plant some small flowers. Water them and your beautiful garden flower pot is ready. Make sure the chain you attach can hold the weight of the tire and the dirt inside. This planter design is a great decoration idea for your porch too.


There are some really cool DIY projects, which will give you ideas how to turn old car tires into beautiful garden decorations. Use the comments section below to share your thoughts and ideas with us.

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