A beautiful small home garden

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In these modern times, most of us live in big cities, with extremely high rates of air pollution. Crushed by the daily grind, we find no time to take long walks in the woods or spend a day at the beach. The perfect solution would be to create a small home garden and let the fresh air wake you up in the morning.

illusion of spaceWhen you have very small space for a garden, you need to create the illusion of space. To achieve this, you should use colors wisely. Place warm colored plants at the center of the area to act as a focal point, since our eyes are naturally drawn toward them. The cool colored plants can be added along the edges of the area to create the illusion of distance. Thus, your garden will appear larger. Another way to go, is to use a Japanese technique, called altered perspective. Simply place larger objects closer to the viewer and smaller elements further. This will exaggerate the illusion of perspective, since our brains tend to perceive smaller objects as farther away, as opposed to larger ones, which seem closer.




mini waterfall and cascadeIn small areas the limitation is horizontal, rather than vertical. A small, but beautiful wall fountain would be an ideal solution. Here the choice is limitless – you can pick anything from a miniature artificial waterfall to an ultra modern wall cascade made from stainless steel and glass. You can also opt to install artificial turf. This is a surface made of high-quality synthetic fiber, made to look like natural grass and needs practically no maintenance. To that you can add a few decorative stepping stones, some climbers or creepers, whatever other plants you like, and maybe even some  small potted trees or other types of taller container plants. You can also use window boxes or other wall / fence mounted containers.




To complete your home garden, you can place a small coffee table and a couple of garden chairs, a garden bench, or why not a lounger. You may also want to add some more decorative objects. Here the choices are also countless – smaller garden sculptures, decorative pottery and ceramics pieces or bird feeders. The idea is to create a perfect little spot in your home that brings brightness, harmony and tranquility.

modern home garden

home garden by Michael Hellgren

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