Bring home a piece of your garden or garden furniture

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Revolution in furnishing gardens and garden furniture

Gardens and garden furniture are an important part of our home design. Garden furniture is normally made of tropical wood, such as banana, bamboo or rattan. This is the general conception and no surprise – natural wood is part of the outside world.
There are some bold and adventurous inclined spirits that decided to introduce what was generally considered to be purely garden furniture into the interior of homes. Have you ever considered doing it or does it seem to be too unorthodox for you? Here are a few ideas which will definitely make you at least considering introducing tropical wood furniture into your interior design. This type of furniture will actually create a deeper relationship between your home and nature. Natural wood actually creates the feeling of space; it is a common misconception that it “eats up” the room in your apartment. As a matter of fact, wood can be used to make any type of design elements – sofas, tables, chairs, benches, etc. One leading advantage is that given the proper treatment, it is extremely easy to maintain!

Still not convinced that this is a good idea?! Ok, let us elaborate some more on the topic. Apart from the obvious advantages, rattan and bamboo furniture is very functional. It is characterized by clear lines and elegant design. The unique point is that they seem to be an internal source of warmth and sensuality. An important aspect is that tropical wood goes well in every room in your home – the kitchen, the living room, even your bedroom. Bamboo, rattan and banana match well with artificial textiles, leather, surprisingly enough even iron!

To cut a long story short, let us point out that tropical wood is a perfect solution for the adventurous inclined souls, which are not afraid to step off the beaten track and bring in some revolutionary elements into their home interiors.

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