Creative swimming pool designs

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Swimming is a favorite pastime for many people, especially in the hot summer days. You can also use the swimming pool for your daily workouts, because swimming is a great exercise. Adding a swimming pool to your garden or backyard would be a real asset to your home. Check out these creative swimming pool designs.

transparent swimming pool

This is a unique swimming pool with a transparent glass bottom. The glass bottom adds a special charm and beauty to this swimming pool. You can enjoy your swim and watch what’s going on below.

turtle swimming pool

This adorable turtle in the swimming pool is actually a design made with mosaic tiles. The turtle is what makes this swimming pool so awesome. You can add this kind of mosaic decoration to any swimming pool.

swimming pool

This amazing swimming pool with waterfall would make for a great garden decoration. If you want a swimming pool like this one in your backyard, you can contact a local contractor and get a custom plan made to fit your space and budget.

infinity pool

This stunning infinity pool has amazingly beautiful surroundings. You can enjoy a swim or just gaze at the beautiful nature, while relaxing by the side of the swimming pool on one of the lounge chairs.

beach swimming pool

This incredible swimming pool offers a great view of the beach. The location of this swimming pool and its design are the things that make it simply irresistible.

indoor swimming pool

Having an indoor swimming pool is usually viewed as a symbol of wealth. If offers privacy and all-year-round swimming independent of the weather conditions. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have enough space and resources to install an indoor swimming pool.

A swimming pool in your garden or backyard will provide hours of family fun. You can also throw a pool party whenever you want. And with the appropriate pool lighting, your swimming pool will be the focal point in your garden, safe to use in the evenings.

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