Decorative fountain and waterfall designs for an original garden

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The choice of garden decoration is essential. It can help you create an atmosphere and set a mood. Choose a decorative fountain or a waterfall for your garden to enhance the beauty of the place and make it look even more attractive. In this post, we will show you s few different decorative fountain and waterfall designs for an original garden.


This stainless steel decorative fountain will provide a stylish focal point to your garden. Its elegant, curved design is the perfect solution for a contemporary garden. This decorative fountain will look great in combination with other elegant decorative pieces with modern design. You can install colored LED lights around it to create a really futuristic feel.


This decorative waterfall is an ideal decorative solution for your garden. It is designed to be placed in a small garden pond. You can even place in on your balcony to turn it into a small garden, perfect for relaxation in the hot summer afternoons. This decorative waterfall can easily turn into the focal point of your garden. Choose garden furniture with modern minimalist design and understated, but stylish garden decorations.

decorative fountain

This decorative fountain is a dynamic and light-enhancing addition to any garden. The relaxing, peaceful and tranquil qualities of water have inspired this modern decorative fountain design. It features three stainless steel spheres on an oval granite frame. This decorative fountain can be added to an indoors garden, as well.

 decorative waterfall

This modern decorative waterfall is a gentle and natural way to screen your deck or garden from the neighbors or add beauty to the environment. This waterfall has a very stylish design. The frame has a dark copper finish and the thick, tempered glass panel provides the perfect background for streams of water.

There are many different decorative fountain and waterfall designs you can choose from to decorate your garden, patio, deck, balcony or small indoors garden. Choose the style of the water feature according to the effect you’re trying to achieve. A decorative fountain or a waterfall will enhance the natural beauty of your garden.

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