How to grow a bonsai tree

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A bonsai tree is completely from the average potted plant. It is a tiny, magnificent piece of nature, grown in a pot. It is amazing how you can recreate in miniature form different plants seen in nature.

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You can start by buying a previously trained bonsai tree. This will reduce the time and effort it takes to train a bonsai. Another way to start a bonsai is to collect a wild plant. It can be very exciting to find a plant in its natural surroundings, shaped by nature. A quick way to start a bonsai tree is called air layering. This is a method, through which you take a large branch or a selection of the trunk to create a new tree. You can also use cuttings to create a bonsai tree, which will be hereditarily identical to the parent tree. Naturally, you can choose to grow a bonsai tree from a seed.

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After you have chosen a method to start a bonsai tree, you will need to take good care of it to make sure it grows healthy. Your bonsai tree will need the right combination of soil, sunlight, air and water. If you fail to recreate the proper environment, the bonsai tree may wither during its development. Be patient – it may take a few trials and errors before you figure it all out.

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Keep in mind that potted plants must be repotted once in a while, because the growing roots occupy the limited space in the pot, reducing the free space the plant needs in order to develop. Besides, repotting gives you a chance to prune the roots and shape the bonsai tree.

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Make sure the location you choose for your bonsai tree provides sufficient sunlight. It also need to be well ventilated and the temperature – properly maintained.

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Proper watering will promote the growth of the bonsai tree. Watering may not sound too difficult for you, but will probably have to keep experimenting until you figure out the plant’s specific needs. Mastering watering is essential for the bonsai tree’s growth.

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You should do some research and find out what the needs of your bonsai tree are. You will need to know what soil is the best choice for the plant, what kind of container you should use, what type fertilizer to get and how to prevent pests and disease.

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It takes skill to be able to reproduce the natural shape of a tree in a small pot. To create a bonsai tree, the roots and the trunk of the plant are your starting point. You will need to develop a quality surface root structure. Root pruning is very important. You should also develop a well-formed trunk, since the trunk of the bonsai tree is the most appealing part to create the illusion of age. Other design elements include branch location, foliage distribution and leaf reduction. You can establish these later on in the design process.

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Wiring is a method to bend the trunk and the branches of the bonsai tree to attractive shapes using wires. When you bonsai tree is still very young, the trunk will be bent into the basic shape of a tree. Later, as the plant grows, you can bend the branches into the desired shape to determine the shape of the bonsai tree. You can do this in stages until you complete the final shape of the bonsai tree. To achieve the goal of a small-sized natural-looking tree, you will also need to prune the branches, the buds and the leaves.


The art of creating a bonsai tree can give you many wonderful experiences. You can choose to admire a previously trained bonsai or to start you own by planting seeds. Learning the necessary skills will enhance your experience. Keep in mind that each individual bonsai tree takes a different amount of time and cost to grow.

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