Patio Door Review

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Installing a sliding glass Patio Door is a cost-effective way to maximize your views and bring the outdoors into your room. After considering what style of patio door best suits your décor, select your slider based on its security features, quality of construction, performance and energy efficiency.
Patio Door
Choose the Patio Door with a multi lock point to increase safety factor of your door, but will help to stabilize it and prevent warping. Ensure that the lock of your door is strong and durable. Sliding Patio Door are available in wood, vinyl-clad wood, vinyl, fiberglass or aluminum. The material you choose will affect the durability, customization and security of your door. Many prefer wood for its aesthetic value, as it can be painted or stained to match your home’s décor. However, wood tends to warp, split and rot. Fiberglass is a great choice. It is indestructible, maintenance-free and can be painted.

Sliding Patio Door typically come in three standard dimensions. Choose from 60 inches with a frame size of 59 1/2 by 79 1/2 inches, 72 inches with a frame size of 71 1/2 by 79 1/2 inches or 96 inches with a frame size of 95 1/2 by 79 1/2 inches. Sizes vary slightly between manufacturers. A standard dimension for a set of hinged patio doors is 71 1/4 inches by 79 1/2 inches. At least one, but usually both, of the doors will open in a hinged set.

If you have different measurement, custom door is available, then choose the door based on size. Better patio doors can be opened and closed with the touch of a finger. A door with dual tandem heavy duty panel rollers (a stainless-steel option) will slide easily. Choose ergonomically correct handles for comfortable use of your sliding patio door. Look for a sliding patio door that comes with an adjustable threshold to ensure a tight seal